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About The Site
Twin Scimitars is a site based on the Drizzt Do'Urden books. It will cover extensive information and reviews about each of the books, as well as stuff we have created for our world, Zaldren(c)

The history of Twin Scimitars
Me and my Friend ,Zafein(nickname),came up with the organazation while reading some of the Drizzt Do'Urden(c) books that are in the Forgotten Realms(c) Series. We decided that we wanted something kinda like that so then came the birth of Twin Scimitars.We have made many rpgs and we are currently writing novels about our main charecters,mine being Zalthein, and his being Zafein. Do to the fact that this site is our main site, we'll not have everything covered that we have created for Twin Scimitrs(c). we are currently heavy into developing our Twin scimitars(c) world, Zaldren(c). You can find nformation on what we have for it so far at Zafeinthedarksilvaerin.freeservers.com

We will be constantly making additions to the site. Eventually we hope to post some of our rpgs, especially our Zaldren(c) one. Also, if you like Final Fantasy III(c) then you can find some stuff on it at Zafein's site.

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